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《MG电子免费试玩》通过将理论应用于当前背景,将这一主题带入生活.  Along the way, you’ll broaden, deepen and review understanding. 这本市场领先的出版物是六年级MG电子免费试玩的必读读物,也受到本科生和对经济学有更广泛兴趣的人的喜爱.  And it’s now available in both print and digital formats. Join the thousands already seeing Economics everywhere!

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Our range of print books is tailored to exam board specifications: AQA, OCR, Edexcel Economics A and Edexcel Economics B.  You’ll find books for each part of your specification, revision guides and our data packed, exam skill themed guide “The UK Economy (2022 edition)”.  新学年特别受欢迎的是我们新的微观和宏观书籍.

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Email Libby via service@economicsfactory.Com,以便我们可以授权教师帐户使用“发票到MG电子免费试玩”和“添加链接帐户”功能.


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Model answers to all A level questions

为AQA提供每个当前规格a级问题的范例答案, Edexcel ‘A’ and OCR, 涵盖2017年6月起的两个样本系列试卷和每个考试系列. 所有答案都是满分或非常接近满分,并附有对考试技巧的评论.

You can buy comprehensive packs, or answers by the paper, 或特定问题-我们的过滤器将帮助您找到您所需要的!

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Teaching resources

我们正在为您建立我们的教学资源集合-我们很喜欢到目前为止我们所创建的所有反馈.  Have a browse and please drop us a line at if there are resources you’d like to see us offer.  哦,如果你有很棒的资源,你已经创造,并希望从中赚取版税, please also get in touch!

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Our model answers.....exam tailored Anforme books.....我们的目标是帮助教师和MG电子免费试玩取得成功. We've got you covered!


Tim Harford


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“As an A level Economics teacher of over 30 years, 经济学工厂的资源对我在这门课上的A级教学仍然至关重要.  我广泛地使用了MG电子免费试玩认为信息量很大的模型答案,并为他们自己的后续回答增加了重要的价值.   I cannot commend the resources highly enough to you.”


Paul Smith

Head of Economics, Oaklands School

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“Economics Today is essential reading for budding economists everywhere, 提供专家对A-level课程及其他重要科目的最新主题思考。”

Stephen King

Senior Economic Adviser, HSBC

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“感谢您的大力支持——我们对我们的成绩很满意,如果我们的MG电子免费试玩能亲自感谢您的话, they would!

All your resources are excellent, and we found the sample questions and answers particularly invaluable.”

Head of Economics


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My son is generally picky about what resources he uses, and has been critical about some of the other content I shared with him. 所以,当他开始使用你的答案时,我很高兴地看到他的态度和反应发生了显著的变化,并为这些答案激发了他以前没有考虑过的思路而感到兴奋.
I am ever so grateful.


Parent of Y13 student

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《MG电子免费试玩》的AQA范例答案的写作非常清晰,使其成为必不可少的资源.  A definite welfare gain!

Head of Economics

Nottingham Free School

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Nikki Owen

Portsmouth College

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这些考试包是目前为止我用过的最有用的复习资源. 高质量的答案和详细的评论让我相信我可以在a Level Economics取得高分. Just wish I found them earlier. Thanks, Peter/Ella!


Year 13, London

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Hopkins Book Service


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I’ve just received my latest pack of model answers.  Many thanks to Peter Cramp for putting these together.

Would thoroughly recommend.  三份试卷中每个问题的建议答案和多项选择题的书面解释. 这些涵盖了当前规范的所有问题,包括样本纸. Invaluable!

Rob Stevenson

Head of Economics, GSAL

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Louise Alderson

Principal Examiner, OCR

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We got our best results ever.  I know for a fact that our students used your resources religiously.

Head of Economics


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Fabulous, 物有所值的资源…微调微调的OCR规范的要求-宝贵的考试技术和理解各种问题类型的细微差别的需求.

David Williams

Head of Economics

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